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This is just ones mans opinion on the new hd-dvd and blu-ray players and movies.I feel unless they come out with a player and can do both formats these new DVD formats will fail for the folowing reasons
1) the price of about $1000 blu-ray 3-400 hddvd for each player (i know electronics come down in price when it becomes established and popular )
2) The sheer confusion of which movie plays in which player (current DVDs are popular cause u can use any DVD movie and play it in any DVD player what i like to call the ease of use factor)
3)for the videophiles not knowing which format to go with.
I'm not saying one format is better than the other or one player is better then the other and i love new ideas and gadgets i mean I'm one of the few people that still have or ever owned a minidisk player
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Jan 20, 2006
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beast37799 said:
not gone just altered but the point still remains hundreds of dollars on a format which may not survive
Why not protest with your dollars and chose the cheaper option (HD DVD) which has delivered the best picture quality? Don't let some greedy company try and force inferior products on the public. If you buy it, it will win!!

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