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Sep 14, 2003
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All day today, while my wife has been watching satellite broadcast channels, there have been periodic blank screens. It happens maybe every 30 min or so. Lasts only a couple seconds. Then the channel banner comes on and the broadcast soon follows. Minor nuisance only. All sat signal strengths are fine.

Just now, I got a message something to the effect of "Oops, your OTA Tuner was disconnected..." It goes on to prompt me to restart the Hopper or dismiss to later. I let it reboot. Checked the guide, the OTA channels were still listed, but I didn't attempt to tune to any of them. (My antenna is on a 50' mast and it's not aimed for the channels currently programmed. This means this time of year, I can't tune any of them anyway. I could re-aim the antenna and I'd get the East Texas channels, but I don't need OTA unless there's a network dispute.) Anyway, as soon as I abandoned the guide and went back to the live satellite broadcast network channel, I got the message that the OTA Tuner had been disconnected again and received the same prompt to reboot. Again, I let it reboot. I checked to ensure the Tuner dongle and associated connections are firmly plugged. Until I just now checked them, they haven't been touched for months at least.

Is this indicative of the Tuner dongle dying?

Thanks, guys.


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Nov 9, 2015
I had a similar message regarding the snap last week.

I Unplugged the snap, rebooted the hopper, and reinserted the snap and all was good.

You might try doing the same with the ota dongle if the message persists.

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