King’s customer support new tailgater pro not rotating


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Jul 20, 2021
I purchased new tailgater pro antenna and Wally receiver for RV.
The antenna worked for 2 days. Now it will not move at all. Borrowed another antenna, the coax and receiver work fine with borrowed antenna.
17 unanswered phone messages from King and 6 emails. I did receive a response to one email where King said they can’t send a replacement antenna until they troubleshoot it over the phone with me.
Frustrated. Does anyone know of a way to “wake up” my new antenna?

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Oct 6, 2020
Northern NM
Try a fresh piece of RG6 coax that is less than 8 feet long or so. Yes, I saw that your existing coax worked with another antenna. Maybe it is marginal. Also try connecting the antenna directly to the Wally with this new coax, bypassing the RV's SAT connection and internal wiring.
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