KU band setup with motorized dish

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Nov 11, 2004
Please Help…
I have bought a motorized 30inch dish, which I want to use for ku band satellites.
I have looked through the forms and picked up some information,and attempted 3 times to set it up
Used a Sat Finder and locked onto what I thought were strong signals, but the pansat showed no signal Quality.

This is what I have done
The motor has to be mounted straight and level, and pointing true south.
The scale on the motor clamp has to be set to my Latitude (43.7)
The satellite nearest to the south has to be chosen (AMC 5 79W)
I adjusted the elevation on the dish to AMC 5 (39.6 deg)
My manual that came with the dish says to subtract the satellites longitude from my longitude then multiply it by 1.15 to get the selling on my motor (which is a dial setting on the neck of the motor, that rotates the arm and dish east - west).This should be the highest point that the dish will hit.

Pansat 2500a
The LNB is a Fortec FSKU-V Universal LNB
The Dish is a 30"
The Tp freq is set to 10750.
I set the LNB type to Universal 1 (tried Universal 2 as well)
Used a Sat Finder and locked onto what I thought was a strong signal, but the pansat showed no signal Quality.
Moved the motor west and found 3 sats with the sat finder, but still no quality.

My location is 43.7 Lat, 79.75 W Long
Elevation of the Dish motor is set to 43.7 (my latitude)
AMC 5 is at 79W Long
Dish was moved slightly west (Sat long - location long x 1.15) or (1.15 x .75= 1.25 deg)
Set Elevation on the dish from my location to AMC 5 at 39.6 deg.

Any other advice would be appreciated.


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Nov 5, 2003
The satellite meter will not work with a Universal LNBF, you will need to be able to see the TV from the dish to set it up, Universal 1 is the correct setting, make sure to use a live transponder and watch the TV for Quality only.
Use Empire Sports to find quality.....

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Oct 19, 2004
Welcome to the satellite guys forum :)
Here is a link that might help
This person was also setting up a pansat 2500 motorized system. By the way, most satellite finders dont work with a Universal LNB. If you still have questions please post them, I'm sure some of the kind people that inhabit this forum can come up with answers.
Good luck!!
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