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Jan 25, 2005
Is it just me or is everyone missing program info for Kung Fu HD and Family HD channels? I can't find info on zap2it listings either, so I assume it is the same for everyone. Does this happen a lot? I'm pretty new to Dish, so I wouldn't know if it is a common problem.

I was a Voom customer back in the day, and Kung Fu is/was one of my favorites. It would be nice to know what is coming on and when. Even though they're still showing a lot of the same flicks from 18 months ago!

Hmm, my KNGFU channel just says "movie" for every time slot. On FAMLY I see some specific data, but also some "movie"
I just never watch those two channels... but I do notice they are often listed as movie, and program data for Voom channels on the internet are either not as complete as dish program guide or filled with very generic info (even wrong channel numbers)
Animania is messed up also. Some of the guide data is generic (like for Ratz) not showing which episode they are, and in some cases a different show plays instead of Ratz.
Maybe the STB just shows 'movie' instead of all that japaneese writing that no one can read?! :D
SatelliteGuys.US to the rescue!

Here is the KungFu HD Schedule for the rest of the month! :)


  • 2006 Decemer Kung Fu Schedule.pdf
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Actually before it becomes all "movies", the shows on the guide were not even what they were showing in reality. The guide would say "...Samurai" and tune in you will see Jackie Chan! It was off for a few days when I was watching it. Basically I wasn't trusting the guide anymore.

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