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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
Software Version L165GAGD-N just took 45 minutes to install.

Single Mode - Not active yet

Dish Home:

Customer service: Still not active
Dish Home Interatcive weather page - More cities added

Trivia is enabled - You can play a sample game or buy subscription.
Fantasy Cup Auto Racing is enabled.

Showtime Interactive enabled
Zap2it Enabled

To be continued:... My 522 locked on exit from TVMAG - Rebooting
Continuing... Lockup on Exit from TVMAG not reproducable.

Racing, My scores, and Soccer are all working.

I don't see any new MENU choices that are enabled. Customer Service is still grey.

Functionality/navigation of program guide still on the sluggish side.

That concludes my initial findings.

To review:

Nothing really visibly new except some Dish Home content.
It may be there, but E* hasn't turned it on so that it shows up in my guide yet.

My last music channel is 981 and then it jumps to 7220 which is my unmapped locals.
I checked myself and no channels in that range either.... My guide normally filters "All Sub" but even switching "All Chan" didn't make a difference. I see NOTHING different otherwise. As for those "Dish Home" things, they're just too damn slow for me to even give a 2nd look now.
I've NEVER had any issues "using" Dish Home. That's not to say I've found ANYTHING of any value in there either though !! :)
hall said:
What about Sirius satellite radio support, i.e. channels in the 6000 range ??

I don't know if I got Sirius, but I noticed I now have some 32 cd music channels. CD 1 is 950 and it goes to CD 32 at 981. I'm in the San Francisco area.

Nice not to have commercials, but if this is what satellite radio sounds like in your car, its not for me. Not that impressed running it thru my main receiver and listening with high end ear phones.
bcshields said:
Those are the standard CD channels... crappy selection, huh?

Thanks bcshields...the fact that these are not the real Sirius satellite stations gives me reason to hope. Don't know why I didn't notice these cd channels before.

Knew Sirius and XM advertised as "CD quality" and saw the cd labeling.

Sirius charges $12.95 for their sports and music radio. How much do you think Dish will charge?
The L165 seems to have introduced some bugs. Since I got it I have had some errors with channel changing using recall(it didn't go back to the last channel). This morning I had a phone call it didn't display but after I hung up it displayed for 1-2 seconds then disappeared. I haven't had to do a reboot in two days though.
That's not new and many people expected it to be something that got fixed. In fact, I thought I'd seen others post that this issue *was* fixed with the update.
ahegedus said:
I think i found a bug.... when i'm watching a dvr recording, and i pause it, when I hit play I get no audio. Anyone else seeing this?

No audio for 2-3 seconds, or no audio ever?

Have you tried doing a "Skip Back" followed by "Play"? If that works, you've got the standard bug that DVRs have.
ahegedus said:
I get no audio at all, but if i do the skip back it returns. I had never seen that bug until 165. and i use the dvr all the time...

I used to have this problem on my old 522. Since the RMA replacement, it has not exibited this.

It still has the intermittent black & white bug when you navigate menu's or timer lists.
I was hoping it was the same as the 921 leaving-pause problem. If you do NOT Skip (Back or Fwd) from Pause, you lose 2-3 seconds of audio.

Just another example of the incompetent programming AND testing of the 921. Such a simple thing to fix, too. Before you tell me I don't know, blah, blah, blah. It should be trivial to add a "Skip Fwd" to the "Resume Play" routine. If it's NOT, then that's just more proof of how poor the programming is.

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