Lafayette, IN to get NBC/FOX affiliate (1 Viewer)


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Aug 5, 2005

Presumably NBC and FOX will each be carried on subchannels of the new WPBI-LD TV.
This will leave them with ABC, CW, and PBS from out of market.

Seems like it might be more of a syndex headache for the local cable systems in Lafayette as they might need to black out more syndicated shows on various out of market channels if they also appear on the new in market stations.
I wonder how much local news they will carry on the new WPBI?


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Dec 28, 2010
Northwest Georgia
Hopefully the local news will indeed be local instead of all the news being of a larger city. I live about 35 miles away from Chattanooga Tennessee in North Georgia and we rarely get coverage of anything unless it's murder or sex related. We've had major fires, we are in a severe drought, do you think they mention us?? No. And the weather is always for just Chattanooga. Sure, you get temps, but that's about it. We've had minor quakes here, they didn't even cover it.

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