Last Chance for NEW 508's & 721's!

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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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We the guys at DishStore.NET have done it again!

We have obtained what is believed to be the last quantities of BRAND NEW (Not Refurbished) Dish DVR 508 receivers known to exist!

We have also grabbed the last few 721's known to exist as well!

Remember the 508 and 721 are not subject to Dish Networks $4.99 a month DISH VOD Fees!

For details on the 508 please CLICK HERE
For details on the 721 please CLICK HERE

Don't let these deals pass you buy never pay a Dish VOD fee!

And remember a portion of each sale helps support SatelliteGuys.US and DBSForums.COM!
Scott does the 721 have the same interface (menu) as the 510? My GF loves the 510 but would like a duel tuner.
No the interface is different. The 522 is better laud out and easier on the eyes. :)

Though the 721 does not look bad itself :)
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