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Sep 25, 2003
I don't understand the poor attitude in these forums. The putting down of fellow posters calling people stupid and a trolls.

I guess that holidays season brings out the worst in people.
I notice that when there are problems and delays with Dishnetwork the people in here take it out on each other sometimes.

I think we should all instead be emailing charlie at
I sent one off this afternoon about my rescheduled 811 install. I would post the letter but y'all would really put me down about my punctuation and grammar. :D
Some of the folks are old time forums people who seem to forget they were newbies at one time.

I am proud how fast the site has grown and I expect the site to continue growing quickly as I am working on thiings to get lots more new users here.

The focus of SatelliteGuys.US is to help ALL members (new and old) get the most out of their satellite system.

I would hope that our old time members would welcome new members into our home with kindness and not get mean by telling them to use the search button, or call them trolls.

Welcome everyone to SatelliteGuys.US
How about as soon as a new member logs in, they are transferred to the "Search Page". I know this would make ROLLTIDE happy! :)
If there was a 'notice' asking people to look at the topics already posted instead of starting a new one, we might not have so many covering the same information.
I never attack anyone unless they have attacked someone else first. I AM guilty of being goaded into counterpunching sometimes though......

Sometimes I wish all these closedminded people would just SHUT UP!

That WAS a joke, by the way........

How bout a search glossary page that has links to predefined search terms. The glossary could be categorized to help pre-sort/filter terms and usage. The glossary can have 2 links, one to populate the forum search engine and one to define the term (or simply Alt Text to the link).

Unfortunately I think I am guilty of a rude posting. I would say my excuse, weak as it is, might be the the impersonal, anonymous nature of the net in general. You're right that is a crappy excuse. I promise to curb my sarcastic tongue in the future.
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