Lease a 522 or buy a 722?


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Feb 9, 2005
Colorado Springs
Lease a 522 or buy a 721?

I've seen quite a few DVR721's on Ebay for around $200. I'm really wanting to get a dual tuner unit as we only have one TV and we have many program conflicts. I can get a 522 from Dish for $99 (shipping and installation) or I can go with one of the 721's I see on Ebay. The nice thing is I wouldn't have to pay the extra $5 VOD fee on the 721. I also wouldn't have to worry about hooking it up to a phone line so it can call home nightly.

I ask this question because of all the problem threads I see here regarding the 522 with audio dropouts, freezing up, missed program recordings, etc. Is the 721 a better unit?

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