Legacy NorthEast HD Setup Should I request to be moved to EA or WA?

Stephen J

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Aug 9, 2009
I have a two dish setup 110, 119, and 61.5. My contract will be up soon, when it expires, should I request to be moved to a one dish setup? I am looking for reasons other than aesthetics. Thanks. I am in the Cleveland, OH DMA.
Doubtful they will switch you over to a single dish solution just cause you ask to be. You say your contract is almost up. So I'm going to assume you where a new customer, or did some sort of upgrade within the last two years. That being said it's highly unlikely you have legacy equipment, and rather a DPP Twin, and a DP dual. If you're dead set on trying to get a single dish your best bet would be to get a tech out (set up a service call for some bogus reason, or upgrade a receiver), and slip him a twenty or two to slap on a 1000.2.
I have the same satellite setup. I'm quite happy with it. No reason to move, I doubt your reception would improve. It may get worse. And, IIRC, the SD resolution is slightly lower on EA - but that might not be perceivable.

Besides, I still have a 508, which will not work on EA.

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