Light TV to rebrand to TheGrio.TV (1 Viewer)


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Mar 15, 2005
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Well, another waste of a channel. We already have Bounce on another sub-channel. There's absolutely NO need for this one. We lost a station that had Grit, Get, Laff, & Court Tv Mysteries. I'd much rather have those back, then crap channels like this.


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Jan 23, 2005
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Might be short lived or just a technical glitch on KTVS-LD which is owned by Ahpa Omega church.

I would not be surprised if they don't like the programmings on Grio and spit's it out.

Now just showing Almavision, a Spanish religious TV which has a crappy picture video quality feeding off IP's feed on 32.2.

32..1 and. 2 are now empty.

Will check it out later in the day to see there any updates to see if Grio is back on the air. :) :hatsoff

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