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I have become curious as to the existence of information made
public pertaining to Dish Network adding locals in my area and
as to whether the smaller markets are to be added in the near
future or if they are going to satisfy the HD market first. I am in
DMA #173 and when I contact Dish the customer reps say that
they cannot give me a time frame on this. I would just like to
know if anyone would know if or when I could expect locals to be


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Mar 5, 2005
It would be nice if dish would release information more readily but I am guessing they do not for competitive reasons. I would like to know when or if they will have my locals in HD. I currently have an smaller antenna to get my locals in HD but do not get ABC at all and CBS falls of very quickly in bad weather. Being that I really like HD if I knew I would not be getting HD locals in the next year I would spend a few hundred bucks if I had to to get a larger antenna to reliably get all my locals in HD but I hesitate to do this because it would be really frustrating if I spent this kind of money only to be able to get my locals in HD over dish 3-4 months later.


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Nov 3, 2005
San Antonio
I agree but both Dish and Directv refuse to cough up any information, I think it would be good though because if someone could just give me a time frame I would switch services in anticipation

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