LIVE FUTBOL: Barcelona vs. Valencia - Sunday 9/24 @ 3pm ET


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Feb 16, 2004
LIVE FUTBOL: Spanish Primera Liga
Sunday, September 24 at 3pm EDT on WorldSportHD

Barcelona vs.
The live broadcast begins a couple of minutes earlier.
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I just tuned in. Anyone else watching?
hello i just signed in for this website.. i just wanted to know if their is a link i have to follow or click inorder to watch the game live on the internet??

please advise me..

Thank You
Exclusivity means nothing brother!!!!

Last year i watched so mnay games live on the internet from chineses channels that have PPV..

It is inly here in the US where rules bring you backwards and not forward!!!!
Great goal!
Barcelona is catching up! :D
Hi, Tim! Hi, riffjim4069!
Welcome to the forum, alireda79!

Actually I think it's only the HD portion that is exclusive to WorldSpotHD.
But I really don't know if there is some Internet feed anywhere.
Ilya, two weeks ago I finally got my woods undergrowth cleared from the hurricane damage caused by Ivan in Sept 2004 and Dennis in July 2005. I still have to run the woodchipper to grind it all up. With no hurricanes this year, life has been grand!
Glad to hear that, Tim! It's been awhile!
Excellent effort by Barca in the second half!
Tim, were you able to pass some costs to FEMA or an insurance company, or did you have to pay most expenses out of your pocket?

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