Live Retailer Chat Report! (July 8,2004)

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Welcome to SatelliteGuys exclusive authorized coverage of today's Retailer Charlie Chat!

As always we will only post items of interest to you the consumer. We will not discuss sensitive dealer issues. If you are a Dish Network Retailer and would like to discuss the dealer sensitive issues discussed on the chat please visit our Sister site at

Todays chat could be very interesting. Usually when Dish Network holds retailer chats they are held AFTER the consumer chat. However when a retailer chat is held before a consumer chat usually there is some big news announced. We can't say if there will be any big news today, but if the past history is any indication we should get a few announcements.

Today helping me with the live updates is Al Noland, Al will be helping me because besides updating the live updates here I am also running the live online chat at sometimes I get so busy doing things I can miss things. :)

Don't forget our chatroom will be open, it will open starting just before Noon Eastern Time, come on and join us if you want. :)

We hope you enjoy our coverage of todays chat!
No Charlie on todays chat, its hosted by Amir and Jim.

They say they have a lot to talk about.

The imediately go into locals.

They say there are a bunch of New local markets to be launched in the next few weeks.

The unfortunately show the markets instead of saying them, and since I am listening I have no idea what new markets coming next month, Terry Haute is the only one they said out loud.

Some new Chinese Channels are coming. There will be 3 new channels coming.

Now they move on to talk about promotions.
The DHA promotion has been extended to Jan 31st, 2005. No changes are being made to the DHA program, they feel their formula is good with DHA.
Now showing some video which they showed at Team Summit telling Retailers how great DHA is. (Still not many dealers doing DHA yet)
The Free Dish Promotion is going away on August 1st.

If a new user signs up for a 2 year commitment for DHA they get FREE DHPP (Digital Home Protection Plan) which normally costs $5.99 a month.
They are still talking about DHA and DHPP.

If I may add a personal comment here, it appears that Dish is in a serious rut, it appears they have nothing really planned from now until next year. Dish is in the start of a Satellite War and they are just sitting there with their hands in their pockets. If I were a shareholder I would be very concerned about the future of Echostar.
The New Customer Free For All promotion will continue on, however dealers selling this promotion will make less money selling this package, Dish wants everyone selling DHA.

Dish wants to own 100% of all equipment going into new customers homes.
Dish is having problems with the new Dishn It Up Exisiting customer program, they might cancel this program today. They are having major problems with their computer system and people are getting rejected who should pass and people are passing that should be rejected.
Someone asked why Tivo was so much better then Dish Network DVR's.

Jim said that most comments he hears is that the customers actually like Dish DVR's better then Tivos.

Jan Johnson gets on the mic and says that Dish DVR's have 30 second skip ahead and Picture in guide, while Tivo does not.

He says that they are working on getting name based recording on the 522 by late summer or the fall. He also goes on to say they hope to add that functionality to other Dish DVRs by early next year.
So now it is early next year on name based recordings. On the last tech chat it was summer time frame for the 500 series of dvrs and it was fall time frame for the 721 and possibly the 921. I don't know this doesn't sound good for Dish. What is going on with them? Rupert is going to slaughter them if this keeps up. Dish seriously needs to get a plan. The future is here and passing them by and they are sitting on their hands.
While they could add a special Hoiday promotion, I don't see them doing it since today they announced DHA and Free For All have been extended to January.

It seems as though the entire company is sleeping or is in hibernation mode, and it really does not make any sense whatsoever.
Tivo has the 30 second skip a head. Its just not turned on by default at the factory.

Dish DVRs do have a much much faster Guide.

The Tivo guides have the slow guides in the workd. Taking many seconds just to draw.
Scott Greczkowski said:
He says that they are working on getting name based recording on the 522 by late summer or the fall. He also goes on to say they hope to add that functionality to other Dish DVRs by early next year.

Why does E* even bother to announce something with a date when they never make it? IMHO they do this to just try to keep their customers, always dangling that carrot out in front of them, just out of reach, so they don't switch to another provider because see what we have coming. I think E* should just keep their mouths shut until they are actually shipping something.
I think most people here figure that when a date is announced that you cannot expect the product or feature to be rolled out on that date but a bit later than that. It is just wishful thinking when they announce a date. We may not even see the Name Based Recording functionality early next year. It could still be about a year away if not longer.
GaryPen said:
Groan. !sadroll
There are some things that I miss from my 501/508 vs. my DirecTivo's:

- UHF Remote
- Faster EPG
- On screen Caller-ID

I would be nice if D* added these but I'm not holding my breath. I'd REALLY like to see a Replay with the STB inteagrated into the box.

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