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Nov 7, 2003
Whats up yall? Get this: I was laying in bed watching tv with my 301 receiver (year and a half old) and all of a sudden I get an error saying my switch configuration is bad. I go to reboot the receiver, take out the smart card, and run a switch test. All it sees is 110, no 119, and it says I'm using a DP feed, not a DP quad like I have that it usually says I have. I go to my living room to check out my 510. Bam, it still works, even did a switch test and it tests out fine. It shows 110 and 119 just fine. I call DISH tech support and have them switch out my 301 with a 301 I had on my shelf not in use. Same thing happens. I call DISH tech support and tell them what happened. I'm now thinking my LNB is going bad. I had the Quad installed back in the Nov-Dec time frame when I added a receiver. Well, the tech person is saying that she could send a tech out to look at it for $99 then tells me that if I sign up for their "premium warranty" they will cut it to $49. Then she tells me that I'm an exclusive customer and that I can get it for $49 with no signing up of anything. Then she tells me about the $1.99 warranty that covers everything. I argue with her saying that the LNB is less than 3-months old. It should be covered under warranty to have a tech come out and fix. She puts me on hold to find out if it is under warranty because I mentioned that I would call back tomorrow because the wife and I would talk about our options about switching. Well, I get transferred (no warning) to someone else and I have to explain the whole thing again. He agrees that it should be under warranty and it does sound like the LNB so he scheduled a tech to come out this Saturday (no cost to me) to take a look at it. Whenever my cable internet goes out a tech will come out free of charge every time. I thought DISH had this same thing. Guess not.
Yeah, I signed up for the $1.99/mo Extended Warranty for my systems. It has paid for itself with a replacement 6000 last fall and a bad Smart Card in the 6000 8 months before that. Now, it looks like I may have a failing Legacy Twin LNBf, so this may be one of my better choices...

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