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Forgive my ignorance of the correct terms....

Do all LNBs put out the same amplification?

I'm still working on putting together an improved mount/dish for that pesky 129 bird.
I am thinking of taking of the 129 LNB off the Dish 1000 and just moving it over to another dish, which will be either a Dish 500 or a larger dish if I can find one locally (I think I might have found one). But I was wondering if all LNBs are the same? Do some put out more "amplification" than the unit they give you with the Dish 1000? Would a "stronger" LNB (if there is one) be worth what ever it would cost?

Is it possible to get to much gain? If I were to get a 1 meter dish with a stronger LNB, could I "over drive" the VIP 211?


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All the LNBs are the same. It is the size of the dish that focuses more signal on the LNB.

The only issue I have read about with DBS satellites is if the Dish gets to large (like over 3 meters) that you start to see the individual satellites in an orbit location (like if you were looking at 110, you would have to move the dish between E6 and E8).

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