LNB used for VOOM compatible with E*?


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Dec 19, 2003
I am considering getting an E* 811 and hook it to the second connection on my VOOM LNB to receive their CBS-HD feed since it's on the same satellite.
Does anyone know if the VOOM LNB will work with E*'s box?
Anyone else doing this?

The lnbf and dish should be compatible with DirecTv (101 orbital slot) or Dish Network (61.5, 110, 119 or 148 orbital slot). I do not know if the lnbf itself would fit onto a Dish Network and/or DirecTv dish.
Don't forget that Dish uses two different LNB types (Legacy and Pro). Even if it's compatible, it's one or the other. So, your switches are going to be a factor (especially if your Dish 500 LNB has an integrated switch).
You cannot mix and match DishPro lnbf's with legacy lnbf's and the same goes with switches. You have to have all DishPro or all legacy. If you currently have DishPro you would want to disconnect the wire from the satellite in port on the receiver then do a check switch then connect the Voom satellite dish to it if you are going to use only all legacy hardware then do another check switch test.

The Voom satellite dish would be compatable to the legacy Dish Network hardware but not the DishPro. The receiver can be either DishPro or legacy.
The difference in DishPro and legacy is not sound or picture quality but it allows a longer wire length to be run in between the switch and the receiver. Not only that but it allows stacking where you can keep adding switches to each other with the right switches and helps give diagnostics on what is hooked up and what is wrong with the setup (wiring, lnbf's, switches, connections).
boba said:
Rick what are you going to watch off 61.5? The only HD that should be left is CBSE.


That is all I want to get is the CBS-HD feed. I was told in an email from an E* representative that I could get the CBS-HD feed for $5 a month without having to subscribe to any packages. I also have cable and can get the major networks but most of our network watching is on CBS.

I am buying my 811 at full price and am planning on using the extra connection of my VOOM LNB to connect to, thus my question. I am qualified to receive the CBS feed. I thought that was pretty good of E* to offer A La Carte programming like that which D* doesn't even have anything close to it..

Thanks for all the info..

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