New use for my 811


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Oct 11, 2003
I had my repairman Andy over today to look at my Elite 630HD. I felt the brightness and black settings were too low. They were and he had them set properly in about 20 minutes.

Then he asked if he could see my Samsung 931HD dvd player work in the 1080i mode. I put in the second Star Wars disc and he really liked the picture. He then asked me to set the player to 720p because he wanted to show me something. Low and behold, the 630hd does 720p natively!! I was floored. Andy had just come back from an ISF school and they were playing with a 530HD when they discovered thru the schematics that the 720p circuit from the DVI and componet was not upconverted.

Here is where the 811 comes in. I set the 811 to 720p and go to my local ABC HD station and there it is -- 720p natively at 45k on my Pioneer. The picture was outstanding--literally breathless. Watched Threat Matrix tonight in 720p and it looked alot sharper then watching with the 811 set at 1080i. I am really beginning to like this 811 receiver. Even with its bugs it really does a good job on OTA! :)