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Mar 28, 2004
I am almost dancing for finding this forum. I've had Dtv for 5 years now, six months after I bought my house, two days after I got a notice cable rates were going up.

Dtv has promised local channels for more than a year now, Harrisburg, PA but not delivered (I see the news about the new satellite); I can pick up most stations with an indoor antenna. (Though www.antennaweb.org may change that story. Wow do I wish I had got the house up on the hill instead of this one just outside of the flood plain; 58 stations vs. 22!). I only have one receiver; the other TV is just for VCR and antenna.

I'm currently remolding my house and, based on the multi-receiver plans, running separate cable feeds to each room. What do I need and where can I buy the equipment to prepare for local channels and distribute the signal(s) inside my house? I do not have an outside antenna but may get one so I'm assuming I'd need a four input multiswitch? Will a directional antenna pick up okay for stations it's not pointed at? It's a silly question, but there are times I may want to watch the local stations not using the Dtv, like recording something off the satellite; and may not have the dish pointer in that room.

I've never hooked up a phone line to my receiver because I cannot, the only phone line (currently) is in the kitchen, two rooms away from the TV. If I do have multiple receivers, no matter how I get them, will they all need to be hooked up to a phone line forever or a certain time?

I do not want to say anything illegal, but do people cancel their subscriptions and get a new package in their wife's name at the same address? Or worse, I've been trying to get a friend to order Dtv in his name because he lives in a very rural area and could get a wavier; do they do spot checks?

Thanks for any help.
Just call and ask to talk to account retention as you plan to switch to the other SAT company (as it sounds like you are thinking of it anyway).

You will get what you want. Just dont back down- treat it like a new car saleman, walk away and think about it at first if they dont give you want you need. Then call back later, work the numbers.

Cost out what you have paid them over the year, tell them that.

Dishnetwork posted there quartly earnins last week, in it they said the average cost per new cusomter was $559 that mean about $500 worth of new equipment. Tell them that also.
Please reply by conversation.

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