Local HD channels gone (apartment resident)


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May 23, 2011
I came home tonight to find that several of my scheduled DVR recordings were missed. Hmmmmm. So I checked my guide and found that the locals (which I had been receiving just fine in HD for the past month) were no longer HD. Every other HD channel was fine, it was just the four locals (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC) that were no longer showing HD. So I'm just wondering.....where'd the HD go? And I do subscribe through my apartment, so my 722 receiver is hooked up to two Q-BOX's, not directly to the dish. Thanks for any help. (Why should I pay $10/month for HD if 75% of the shows I watch aren't coming in HD?)


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Oct 30, 2003
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From the Uplink sticky, there were a lot of changes yesterday. Could the HD channels moved to a different satellite? I saw some from Nebraska were effected.


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Apr 28, 2010
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If you are in an apartment complex on a QAM system they are probably limited to the number of QAM transcoders they have configured in the head end. Most likely with the recent changes they did not have the transcoder configured in the head end that the HD locals moved to. As Slamminc11 said you will have to contact the apartment office. This should be a relativity easy change for them to make.

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