Locking Channels H2 with U237


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Oct 19, 2004
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I have 2 H2s both with U237 (UGH) and I can't seem to lock out any more channels.

One of my H2s has 410 channels locked out - from the days before U237.

when I go to MENU-Settings-Parental Controls-Enter my code-Locked channels-and move one or more channels from NOT LOCKED to LOCKED they move to the other column but when I press Cancel to exit, it says saving and the number of saved channels shows it has updated, but the added channels are not locked out, if I go back into Locked Channels the number is back to the old value - it was not saved.

Am I exiting/saving the data correctly or is there another key stroke that saves the new data?

I have done a power cord reboot - no change.

Is this another major fail for Dish programmers?

Any ideas?
Maybe you hit an unknown limit of the max number that could be locked? A test of that might be to try removing one of the channels you currently have locked and see if it saves that change.
Well my H2s show 410 locked and 215 unlocked.

I'm trying to get the unlocked down to about 140, but the data won't save.

Another peculiarity, many of the channels that I want to lock out show up in both lists, locked and unlocked, like 9607, 9606, 9605, etc.

Further digging (looking at the channels in the Guide), it appears that even though 0the unwanted channels appear in the unlocked list, they do not appear in the guide, so the locking probably is working, they just are listed improperly in the LOCKED/UNLOCKED lists.
Wouldn't it be easier to make a Favorites List of the Channels you do want to see and set your guide to that list?
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I have already locked out all the channels I don't watch, I was just trying to add a few that had been changed or added in the last several months (since the GIU was forced on us). It looks like it is actually working, it just can't seem to catalog them correctly on the page where the work gets done.
Problem with the Favorites is when new channels or free preview channels appear you have to add them to that Favorites list to see them. The locked out channels just don't appear.
Similarly, the problem with locking channels is that if Dish moves a channel you do want to see to a channel number that you have already locked, then you have to unlock that channel number before you can see the new channel.

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