Longwave Band Hopping Last Night (1 Viewer)

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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Last night the low frequency (200 - 530 kHz) band was very active with many NDB's heard from Canada and a few from the Caribbean. Most were from Canada, because those beacons have a continuous tone in between CW identification. Also checked out the 519 kHz NAVTEX frequency and the signals were much stronger than usual. Rcvr is a Yaesu FRG-100, antenna is 43 foot vertical. QRN was very low, excellent conditions.

I had hoped to hear some hams on the new LF bands, but nothing so far.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 18, 2010
New Mexico
Most of the activity on the new 630 meter ham band is CW, JT9 and WSPR, so you won't hear much just by listening. Download the WSJT-X software, set your receiver to 474.2 kHz USB and feed the audio into your computer. There is almost continuous activity in the evenings. The 2200 meter ham band has far fewer stations on.

I've picked up WSPR beacons from as far away as Australia and Argentina. I run a modest WSPR beacon every night that is often received in Alaska, Hawaii and along the east coast, and have worked 16 states with JT9 so far.

Here is a good blog that summarizes each nights activity:
KB5NJD|WG2XIQ|630 meters|WSPR|Propagation|QRP|Ham Radio|Part 5

A map of last night's WSPR activity in North America:

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