Two Meters Open Last Night


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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Got home from my ham club meeting last night around ten. The day was warm and the night was cool, perfect conditions for distant VHF reception. Tuned the 2 meter band listening for repeater IDs and heard some out of the ordinary ones Was able to make a contact into lower NY state into the Valhalla,, NY repeater, one which is impossible for me under normal conditions. Prior to that some guy in Atlantic City, NJ made a contact on that same repeater. That's over a hundred miles.

FM simplex on .52 and .55 was active. These are normally dead at this QTH.

And the normally-weak NOAA wx channels were much stronger too. Band was still open at 11:30 pm.
I noticed this one night a couple of years ago. Just happen to have a radio on 520. Started hearing call signs I was unfamiliar with. Took the radio out of memory mode and started tuning the VFO and that whole area above and below 520 was covered. Guys talking on each other etc. So I grabbed a piece of paper and jumped in. I live in NC and I made several contacts in TX, LA, and CO. Went up to where most repeaters are and that was a mess. Could not understand most because of them walking all over each other.
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