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Jul 20, 2008
I'm looking into getting Dish network, but am not very familiar with it. I've done some research, but would like to know a few things:
I want to get high definition. Will the VIP 222 receiver be ok to receive all MPEG 4 HD signals? Or should I look at the 722 DVR?
Is the current satellite dish due to be replaced like the Directv Slimline dish?
Thanks for your input.
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Nov 16, 2005
All the VIP recievers use MPEG4. In terms of the dish its hard to say for sure but eastern arc appears to be a ways away which needs a different dish. Most HD content is currently on 129 or 61.5 which usually means a Dish 1000.2 is used. With internationals a Dish 1000+ is used which gets the 118 bird as well.

A replacement sat for 129 is set to go up at the end of the year so the dish 1000.2should be used for quite some time still.
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Sep 20, 2005
Fishers, IN
You definitely should look at the 722 DVR...it's a DVR, and accommodates External Hard Drive storage.
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