Looking for a shorter Lifter for Big Dish


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Sep 8, 2008
Hi Folks,

I Don't know which category to post my thread on???
Or I don't know where else to post it on this forum??

I'm looking for a shorter lifter that I could use for my C-band
mesh big dish antenna to sit on the board on such lifter so
that I could work on the actuator arm behind it, alone.

My 30 years old nephew brought his "Drywall Lifter" but
that's WAY TOO TALL.

Here's the link to show you a description of his Drywall lift.

It was his genius ideal to hold the dish while working on the back
on the actuator arm. But what he bought is too tall.

I'm looking for a shorter lifter the same way.

Let me give you a description of how high is my C-band big dish
is from the ground. ( from the blacktop )

Either 57 or 58 inches high from the ground to the edge of the dish that's on
the pole. And my nephew's Drywall lifter is way too tall. Probably the
lowest level is 60 inches high. That's the lowest level it can go down
with his Drywall lift.

I'm asking do any of you know and have an idea of what and where
can I find a lifter that goes from the ground and up?? High as other
big dish is on the pole??? And would be able to put a wood on top
of such lifter for the edge of the dish to sit on.

IF you do know what I'm looking for, can you send me the picture or a link
from the internet where I could buy one from???

Hope all helps with answers.

Thank you,
Hi Arlo,

I don't have a picture of a shorter lifter at my 10 foot mesh dish antenna.
But hey, THINK, IF you remove the
actuator arm from the dish, guess what
would happen without a lifter????
The dish will FALL or NOSE DIVE!!!

I'm still asking around for a short
lifter that would be a bench size and
would elevate from the ground to
the edge of my dish that's 58 inches
high from the blacktop ground.

Hope all helps with answers.

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