looking for IA5 some help

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Jun 22, 2006
Hello ppl I am trying to find IA5 from blaine wa, zip code 98230 , I am wondering if I have the right stuff for it
Ariza 76 cm dish

Coolsat ku lnbf : Rf:11.70/12.20 ghz, If:950/1450mhz, Lo:10.75ghz, gain:60db,Noise figure 0.60 Db

Coolsat 5000

I wasnt sure if a 76cm is enough to get IA5 from here or do i need a bigger dish , I was trying to locate it but am unable to get it, the level goes as high as 98% but my quality never goes higher than 22% the sat finder isint alot of help either coz it tends to stay at 10 for a larger part of the dish movement ,I kept the receiver on default setting for IA5 , could you tell me what might be the correct setting for IA5 Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before.
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May 6, 2005
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Receiver should be set for a standard LNB, L.O. 10750.

Try bringing your receiver and a small TV to your dish and use the receiver's meter instead of the sat finder. I find this method works much better than the sat finder.


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May 27, 2006
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If you can't bring a tv to the roof I've found a solution.

On the Coolsat set the signal tone "on" (menu->installation->options), plug in the transmitter of a baby monitor and place it next to the tv speaker and bring the receiver with you to the roof.

The tone goes higher in pitch as you zero in on the satellite. :)

Of course you have to start with a known transponder first but after that I've found this method works very well and saves a lot of trouble.

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Nov 17, 2003
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make sure to skew the LNB properly. Since you are on the west coast (and IA5 is near the midwest) you need to turn the LNB to get the best signal :)


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Nov 5, 2003
Here are the correct angles to IA-5 from your area!

                      Blaine, WA 98230
         Latitude 48° 57.816'N Longitude 122° 43.938'W

                       Sat Name Sat Lng Az(t) Az(m)    El  Skew

                      IA-5   97.0W 147.4 128.0  28.6 -20.7

        Satellite Finder is (c) Copyright 2004, P. Lutus

This link to Sadouns web site should help with the skew setting.......

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