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Dec 24, 2005
Moline, IL
Hi all,

Just trying to figure out what it would cost to upgrade to HD. Right now I have a leased 625 and AT180 with locals + superstations + stars pack.

That is like $83.95 a month. $54.99 AT180 with locals + DVR Fee $5.98 + Leased Fee $5.00 + STARZ super Pak $11.99 + Superstation $5.99 = $83.95.

I would really on watch like the ESPN HD, Discovery HD, a little National Geographic HD, Starz HD.

Does the Platinum HD package come with HBO HD and Showtime HD even tho I don't have them packages?

What is the HD dve fee? Lease HD Fee?

what would my bill be?



PS I have a Protron 32' LCD HDTV ready tv.


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May 20, 2006
Platinum $99 comes with all movies packs. DVR on Platinum FREE Lease 6.00 and Locals 5.00. You trade up and get a vip 622 for $100 per Carlie Chat

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