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Jun 1, 2005
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I currently have a DVR 522 setup with a regular 500 dish. I have a 42" Panasonic HDTV which I get the HD locals OTA. I do have SD locals through Dish and thought I'd dump them but never got around to it (program guide and SD recording convenience, I guess). Additionally, I have an old 300 model dish still mounted on the roof not connected to anything.

I was thinking of purchasing a VIP622 from one of the fine sponsors on this site and setting it up myself (I installed my old 5000 receiver/300 dish myself with no problems). With the purchase of a new DishPro LNBF and a DP34 switch I think it could be done.

I would retrofit the old 300 with the new Pro LNBF, point it at 129, then run the coax to the switch. The existing 500 (110 and 119) two coax cables would be run to the same switch. I would then have two outputs from the switch run to the 622.

Is this a correct setup? Is there a switch inside the Dish500 that combines the 110/119 or is that switch inside the receiver? Assuming I get the 300 pointed at 129 correctly (FYI I'm just South of Cleveland, Ohio) and get a good signal would there be any issues with Dish activating the receiver with an HDTV package? I won't be getting HD Locals from Dish (not sure if they're available yet in Cleveland) seeing how my OTA works just dandy.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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You could get a DishProPlus twin for the dish 500, put a DishPro dual and run wire to the dish 500, then use seperator (which comes with 622). This will allow you to use one wire till you get behind the receiver. Might cost a little bit more, but would save you running additional lines to the DP34 switch as well as the two lines from the switch to the receiver.
The set-up you describe is OK. The 110/119 switch is in the DP34. Depending on your location and possible obstructions you might get better reception on the wing dish if it's pointed to 61.5. The national HD content is essentially identical on 129 and 61.5, but not the HD LiLs. So if you're eventually able to get HD LiLs and you want them, which sat. they're on will make your decision. In terms of activation - I was able to self-activate with a similar system in April but I have heard that E* is clamping-down on self-installs. Try a Tech Support person vs. a CSR and you might have better luck. You might have to try more than one.

PS, some clarification - The DPP separator garys mentioned would not be used with the DP34 switch. To do what he suggested, eliminate that "external" switch altogether. Run just one cable from the DPP Twin to the 622 and use the separator there. All switching is done in the Twin in that example. You could run a second line from that Twin to another single- or dual-tuner receiver at a later date. More receivers beyond that would require a DPP44 switch...
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Great, I could spend $500 on equipment only to have Dish deny me activation.

Thanks for the replies, though. I kept searching and found some great install diagrams.
Check with Claude at DishStore about the purchased upgrade and activation. He probably knows some angles to insure that you can activate with purchased, self-installed equipment...

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