Loss of Signal with Motorola 450i Analog Receiver

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Apr 28, 2005
Texarkana, TX
A couple of nights ago when I tried to go to one of my analog C-Band channels, all I got was a blank screen. When I try to go to Set-Up, on the analog receiver, I get no response. I can move the dish, go to favorites, etc., but I cannot get a signal, even on the BEC 6600+. The BUD appears to be doing fine, but who knows. How do I troubleshoot to find out if my VCRS module, Reciever or my LNBF is the problem. The last time I had problems a couple of years ago, the LNBF was bad. Also is a BSC621-2C/Ku LNBF a good idea or not. That way I can have both C-Band and Ku from the same coax cable and my BUD. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


I had my problem looked at finaly. My LNBF was "fried", so I bought the BSC621-2C/Ku LNBF and had it installed. I can get some satellites, but not all, and I can't get the LNBF to switch to Ku-Band. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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*Motorola 450i analog receiver, BEC 6600+ Digital receiver, Pansat 3500S Digital Receiver, 10' mesh BUD, Ivacom 0.03 C-Band LNBF*
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