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Feb 14, 2004
I recently switched from DTV to Voom. The Voom dish was placed on the same pole (albeit pointed in a different direction) previously used by DTV. Now, whenever it rains, I go from a signal quality of 30 down to 12 - 16. The picture becomes pixellated and unwatchable. I'm not talking about a deluge, even a light rain. What's curious to be about this is this NEVER occurred with DTV.

I'm at a loss to explain how a light rain could so dramatically cut signal quality...

J0e :no
of course I have no experience with voom. (but 30 sounds extremely low)
this may be the best that it does, but I doubt it.
(saw another site posting that 30 is low end signal and that the "posters"
were able to get 55-58 level signal on their installs, so this would indicate that you CAN do better and that may help "rain fade")

sounds more like there may be a "obstruction" (tree, ect) partially blocking "line of sight" of the voom satellite.
OR the dish is not properly aligned. (not peaked to best signal)

possible solutions,
view LOS of dish and see what "might" be blocking it (move dish or obstruction)
adjust dish "angles" to "peak" signal
get a larger dish.
I would be contacting installer to remendy this.
Something on the dish or the pole may be loose causing the signal to go out. It sounds like you are on the fringe of the signal where you are barely getting a signal and a slight adjustment may resolve the problem. If a slight adjustment does not help then that is a sign of an obstruction. If it does help then that is a sign that something is loose, perhaps the pole is rotating if it is not set in concrete.

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