Thinking of switching from Consolidated Communications to Comcast


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Mar 1, 2006
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We've been a customer of Consolidated Communications for about 6 years. My wife and I are sick and tired of their confusing bills with dozens of obscure charges and credits. Gradually and without warning the bill keeps going up every month. Then approximately every year we call them and they lower our bill. This cycle repeats -- a gradually increasing bill until we complain and then they lower it.

Also, they insist on charging us $10 a month for a Wifi router even though they never provided one (we have our own). The explanation they give me is that it's "part of a package deal". They are willing to take away the router charge, but then we would "no longer be eligible for the $20 package discount".

I understand that Comcast lets you have your own router to avoid paying $13 a month.

Also Comcast said that their DVR service is done over the network -- no local hard drive. I'm not sure how responsive that would be or if it would be a downgrade from our current Pace DVR.

Anyway, just wondering if I should give Comcast a try, or would I simply be trading one set of problems for another?

Edit: We currently have TV, Internet, and landline phone through Consolidated. We have FTTH (fiber to the home).
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Have you considered dropping just the TV service, and maybe the land line? Then try Sling or YTTV or similar. You might find them sufficient. If not, you can pick cable or satellite TV later.

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You’d have to weigh costs and reliability. But I’d lean toward fiber.

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Yes, that is what I was alluding to. I don’t know, but think it likely, the competition is coax. Only you can find out.

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