Bill to fight surprise cable fees

One might wonder what kind of teeth this legislation really has (outside of the remote possibility of denying AT&T the right to provide DNS).

Who is the arbiter of "good faith" in negotiations?

This bill tries to right a number of wrongs but I'm not sure it has the mechanisms to get the job done.
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Pretty much everything Consumer Reports (formerly Consumer's Union) gets behind. A modern-day Ralph Nader.

I don't know about that in particular, but leaving too much up to the agencies when it comes to rules like this invites changes every 4-8 years when the administration changes, and we get disruptive about-faces like we did with NN, which helps no one. Of course, having too much detail in the bills, like you get with bills written by big pharma or energy lobbyists, isn't great either as it makes the laws inflexible and likely harmful (to everyone except the authors anyway) in the long term.
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Maine’s Cable A La Carte Law Challenged

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