Lost Satellite 110 West all of a Sudden


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Mar 14, 2004
Hello all!
DishPro 500 (BS1B2UP201M Lot No w 3 0)
Reciever: Model 301

I have had dish network sattelite service since January 1, 2004 with no issues at all. Then all of a sudden on Saturday (3/13/04) I lost my local channels. I went into the system menu, point dish/signal and found that I lost satellite 110 West. I highligted 110 West and received "Wrong Sat - EchoStar 119 West" with full signal, but RED. I then selected verified 119 West it has full signal and green. All of the non-local channels are coming great. I contacted dish network technical support, but no luck. Is my LNBF bad?

Dish say they are sending out a technician on Tueday to verify the problem, but I had make some corrections from the installer that set me up the first time. I would like to do some additional troublshooting before they come.

Thanks for your help in adavance.
dfergie said:
Did you run a switch check? If not do that.

Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention. I did run a check switch and received the following:

Input: 2
Satelliete: Conn
Polarity: X
Device: Twin

Satus: WARNING - only one satellite connected
dfergie said:
Can you see the wires going into the switch? if so check those could have loose connection either there or at the lnb. How was the signal strenth for 119? if you have had wind the dish may have moved slightly.

The signal strenth on 119 is 124. I checked all the connectors (including at the LNB) and they are tight.

Just cancelled my dish network installation

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