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Mar 17, 2004
After much thought I have decided to keep D* and not opt for Dish Network's HD deal with the 811 receiver. I think I will wait a little while to see if the bugs can't get worked out and contact D* in the meantime to see if they can give me the $99 customer retention deal. When I spoke to dish network to cancel the installation they said they were unaware of any problems with the 811. Instantly, I knew that cancelling was the right thing to do. Dish Network, trying to persuade me to stay, said that if in 3 days after installation I was unhappy I could cancel everything with no penalties to pay. I really want my HD but don't want headaches to go along with it. I thought the people at Dish were very courteous even though I was cancelling their service and they did not badger me into staying.


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Nov 28, 2003
When you talk to a first level CSR, remember they're a college student working to pay off their Text messaging bill on their flashy cell phones... and not a very informed professional like the higher level CSR's are...

Wish I could talk you into switching back, but I'm holding off on HD for the same reasons. Thanks for keeping an eye out for the future though.


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Sep 12, 2003
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Hey, I'm just happy that they still all have American accents. I had to call American Express to help get her Microsoft Money software to automatically download their transactions and I had o have them repeat themselves 3 times to understand what they were trying to say (not that I could speak Hindu, but then again I'M not trying to deal with customers in India myself).

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