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Happy Monday Everyone!

We are proud to announce that we have grown again! Today SatelliteGuys has launched two new sites based on your ideas and suggestions!

The first new site is SatelliteGuys Radio

SatelliteGuys Radio is unlike any Internet Radio Station you have ever used! SatelliteGuys Radio plays the best music from the 60's to Today!

SatelliteGuys Radio is also TOTALLY interactive! If you have a song you want to hear select if from our huge database and it will be played for you within minutes!

Please let us know your thoughts on this new feature! We will be expanding it greatly over the next few weeks! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

I would like to thank DishStore.NET for picking up our licencing fees to make this Radio Station Possible!

The next new site is something that a lot of users have requested and that was SatelliteGuys Mugs and T Shirts. I am proud to announce the opening of the SatelliteGuys Store!

This site will also be expanding and will be moving off of CafePress to our own server in the near future! I still find it amazing that people want this stuff, but you requested you got it!

I have also added a few new games in the Arcade this morning. I will be adding another group of games later in the week. I have also reset the scores on the games, this gives everyone a shot at becoming a Champ!

In closing I have received a few notes from people asking why I am adding all these new features. Truthfully the reason is I am always looking to keep people coming back to SatelliteGuys, I realize that people can not discuss Satellite Topics all the time. I want SatelliteGuys to be a place where you come not only to learn but have fun! My figuring on adding all these new features and sites is that we are Paying for 1 Terrabyte of Data Transfer a month and are currently only using less then 70 gig a month. My figuring is since we are paying for it we might as well use it, if I can give you features which you will use and enjoy it is worth it. :)

Enjoy and thanks again to our Pub Members who donated to SatelliteGuys to make this all possible.
You might want to check the link for your Bio at the SatelliteGuys store. :)
Yeah it is... I can't figure it out.

(That site use to be the old DBSTalk store)

I will fix it though. (Actually I am woking on my own store as we speak)
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