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Sometimes you get offered a deal where you would be crazy not to jump on it.

Our host today sent over an offer on new servers, so like I always do, I took a look at what they were offering... well today was different as normally their pricing and offers is close to what we have now for a server... but not today.

Our current server offers of 10 CPU Cores, 48 Gig RAM, 300 GB NVME storage, Storage for one Snapshot, and 2 TB data of Transfer.

The offer for the new server is 16 CPU Cores, 64 Gig of RAM, 500 GB NVME Storage, Storage for three snapshots and 32 TB of outgoing data transfer (and free unlimited inbound.)

And the cost is the same as what we are paying now! (And we will still stay in our same hosting location in the central US!)

I was (and am) moving things as this server is running so well for us now... so I asked in the Pub Members Forums and was told by one of our pub members "If a car dealer offered you a Cadillac Escalade for the same price as a Chevy Trailblazer, what would Scott do?" and then one about trading my wife... but we won't go there... lol!

But what they said made sense...

So I just ordered it. And once its ready will start working on it. I plan to move SatelliteGuys to the new server sometime this weekend.

Thank you to our Pub Members for their support, we are proud that so many of you consider SatelliteGuys home. :)

I will post more on the move when I know more. :)
After spending the day doing things around the state with the wife, I got home and have been working on the new server.

Been working on all the behind the scenes stuff, getting all the server settings set, setting up the firewall, installing things needed by the forum software such as Elasticsearch, Redis, s3cmd etc...

I also had to setup things like the name servers as the new server will act as our name servers as the old one will be going off.

I have been doing a lot of testings as well.

Things look like they are moving along nicely. My main concern is that the old server using mariadb as its database server. The new server only supports mysql because of the channel software. Cpanel supports tells me the databases should work fine on the new server... I sure hope so.

Once I am happy I will then move SatelliteGuys over to the new server.

Once moved over I need to make sure all regular functions work... web services, email etc... Getting the mail working is a top priority as with all the recent changes by Google and Yahoo, need to make sure our DKIM, SFP and other records are all set proper for the new server... so that the new server does not immediately get blacklisted. :)

Of course once that is done then we have to tune everything which will take a few days... getting the MySQL and PHP settings fined tuned takes a lot of trial and error. I tried using our my.cnf settings from the old server onto the new server and well.. it didn't like it one bit. So I will be using the mysqltuner over time and will be handcrafting the best configurations needed to give you guys the best speeds possible.

Now one thing to mention is I am taking my time doing this... why? Because this old server just renewed so we have both servers for another month. No rush to move and cancel the old server. :)

So that's what's up... yup just like on the 4th of July here I am working again on a holiday weekend working to make SatelliteGuys better for all.

Thanks again for your support guys. :)
Well. been working a good part of the day on the new server... and I think she is ready to go.

I am planning the move for Sunday Night.

A warning again is the PHP and MySQL will not be optimized when we move and that work normally takes a few days to fine tune things for best performance. But moving from 10 CPU Cores to 16 CPU Cores and lots more ram there shouldn't be any speed problems even with un optimized server. :D

Happy Easter Everyone!
Been working all afternoon and pulled everything but the main SatelliteGuys site over. Things are running great. I was surprised on how quickly tings transferred over.

Fingers crossed I have everything installed needed to run this place on the new server as there are a lot of add ons and pieces needed to make it all run.. I think I do but we will find out. I will be moving the site after dinner, the annual Easter Ham Dinner. :)

I logged into the Xenforo site and I am glad I did... As I noticed that our license for the forum was set to expire TONIGHT at 8:25 PM! (Thanks for the notice guys!)

I would have been thinking it was a server issue with the site possibly not working when in reality our license was expiring.

Thankfully, I had enough in the Pub Membership fund to pay for it (and also for the new server). So thank you guys for your support. :)

But that would have been bad!

I figure the move will start around 6:30 PM Eastern tonight.


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