SatelliteGuys HAS MOVED again!

We are back...


Ran into a big issue with the S3 adapter we use, as we use an s3 service to store all our pictures. There is a problem with the plugin on he server level that not letting the server connect to the s3 cloud. I could get the site back online but with no graphics it wouldn't be much fun.

Since the new server has so much hard drive space, I am going to clone the site on the new server and work over the next day or two on it, and I have contacted the author of the S3 stuff for help, but since its easter (and he's in the UK) I don't expect help today.

So for now we are back on the old server, and I won't move it until I know it's working on the cloned site. :)

Sorry for the downtime.
So... maybe this was a GOOD THING it didn't go.

One of my concerns I expressed in the Pub Members Forum about moving to a new server was the fact that our new server would be a different OS, moving us from AlamaLinux to Ubuntu. Another concern was because of the difference in OS we would also be using a different SQL server MySQL instead of MariaDB.

I have heard some stories going back to MySQL from MariaDB with database issues. But support told me I should not be concerned.

Anyways with the number of changes I made to the new server that didn't work last night... I decided to wipe the new server and start clean.

So I logged into our hosts client server, and told it I wanted to reimage the server.

It then gave me choices on the reindex... and one of the choices was AlmaLinux. (When didnt they give that choice when signinig up?)

So I am reimaging the machine now to the same OS we are using here now... and the default DB server on it is MariaDB... so don't have to worry about that issue anymore either.

Yeah its starting from scratch on the new server again... but I am ok with that. :)
Sometimes the things that are supposed to be easy are not always as they should be.
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