AI chatbots on Satelliteguys

We (SatelliteGuys) don't have any chatbots installed. We do however have an AI add on which will suggest to admins better titles for topics, which can help improve our search indexing. Since its been installed I know I have only used it a handful of times.

But nothing here which chats with you.

There are addons available with will automatically answer questions when posted. [021] ChatGPT Autoresponder [Deleted] However it appears it is no longer available which is ok by me. :D
Loved that movie! Own it. Might watch again. 2010 was also worthwhile. Explanations are on line.

But I’m considering talking SWMBO into seeing Apocalypse Now. She’s never seen it. It’s about time for me to see it again.

Clockwork Orange. Now THERE’S a movie I am reluctant to see again. Even though I bought it.
I think a chatbot myself, as posted yesterday, I had a previous encounter with it. Just perfect correct speaking saying but there are other ways. The wording this weekend was proper english and never heated, just alot like people do here minus the insults. What ever i was, polite but in denial. And Navy, a clockwork orange was a very intriguing move in it's day. Might be easier to understand under current circumstances.:eeek
I think any of the movies mentioned are imminent, they are not science fiction anymore.
True, but 2010 the book came out in 1982, it was just a guess then if there is water and life.

Now they have proven the water part, within the next 10-20 years, we will find out if there is life there, somewhere other then Earth.

I think any of the movies mentioned are imminent, they are not science fiction anymore.
Well, we haven't sent manned spacecraft to Mars or Jupiter yet. I suspect it will be a long time before we do and it'll be interesting if they'll make such huge spacecraft in our lifetime.
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