Lune-Q: A Next-Generation Satellite Antenna


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Sep 11, 2003
I just did a search before posting this and it seems that nobody has mentioned this yet.

JSAT Corporation (JSAT) and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI) today announced that the two companies will implement initiatives to develop Lune-Q, a groundbreaking, next-generation satellite antenna that enables simultaneous reception from multiple satellites using one of the world's most highly advanced Luneberg lenses (*note[1]), as follows.
Oh, I thought it was the Lunburg Lens.

If it proves practical it would be great for small footprint installations, even vertical hanging on walls (put the LNBs across the bottom). I can also see this in use at large multisat installations *IF* it can be proven reliable. We have trouble with 12ft dishes filling with snow or getting wind whipped. If snow wouldn't kill one of these loony antennas, I'd look at getting one.

And 20,000 Yen for the home version is a real decent price (I'm assuming without LNB?) That's $186 on the currency converter.

If this product could be mass produced then the price could be brought way down. What size in inches are these globes?
Doesn't it use pretty much the same principle as a parabolic dish - just using the other side? How would there be any space savings? It seems like it would have to be every bit as large as a dish for the same amount of gain. It does seem well suited for tracking a moving satellite though. It could make it easier and less costly to use non-stationary satellites.

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