Major bugs since U516 (1 Viewer)

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Dec 10, 2007
New Orleans
My main complaint is everyday my Hopper3 claims that the reciever has to be rebooted because "There may be a problem it has not been rebooted in a while" which is untrue it turns off every night (100 am) but it chooses the start of primetime programing to force a reboot (they do not give you an option to stop it from rebooting) THIS HAS TO BE CHANGED , its breaking up my primtime recordings and not recording shows this is almost an everyday occurence, and other major issue, it will not let me add any new external hard drive it will not recognize it or format it i tried WD and Seagate , all brands i previously used and worked the same exact models of drive i currently use, I take my excisting drives off and it will not even aknowlage the new drive i tired the red button reset the unplugging for 10 mins i tried everything . I have u516 now and these problems are worse , and they still have the non scrolling guide. where you have to go to unsubscribed then backed to subscribed as a work around. This random reboot has to be removed its effecting recordings and tv viewing . is there anyone else with any of these issues? any time frame on when they maybe fixed?I can't deal with the first issue for months.
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Aug 25, 2017
Pekin, IL
I wonder if doing a partial reset will fix that. I'd suggest master, but I think that takes it back to out of the box, meaning erasing timers, recordings, etc. If you DO try a partial reset, once it's complete and get's back to live TV, put it in standby for 30 minutes so it re-downloads all the Joey/Remote Control/WAP software. The partial reset erases that and re-downloads it in the background while everything is is standby mode.
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