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Apr 23, 2018
Today I noticed something strange happening with my Hopper 3.
Last week I scheduled a timer for new shows only of the new American Choppers which started a new season tonight 5/28/18.

When I scheduled the new timer I checked both the timers tab and the and the schedule tab on the DVR menu.
Both tabs showed the show scheduled for tonight at 10:00pm.
Tonight I checked the scheduled tab and American Choppers was missing, then I checked the timers tab and it showed American Choppers new episodes only was still listed
I wonder why the show was missing on the schedule tab?
If I wouldn't have caught this I would have missed the recording of this show.
I did a search here on the forum and did see a couple threads indicating missing timers. But my issue is the missing show on the schedule tab but not on the timers tab.
Any help would be appreciated.
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