OTHER Manually adding channels on a DMYCO V9S


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Apr 28, 2020
Booneville, MS
I am trying to manually add the radio channels on SES-3 on an FTA receiver either on my PC (preferably) or via the box itself. I've read that it (DMYCO V9S) is sort of a generic box that is similar to some others, but I can't find any documentation on how to do this. It is possible to do such a thing--I used to know how to do this using a piece of software on my PC and editing the channel file from the box with a USB key, as the box seems to have no way to do this on the box itself. Unfortunately, I've since forgotten how to do this and what software I used. The box uses files titled "<name>.chs" which I can't even make sense of in a hex editor. Does anyone have any experience or tips that could help me out?

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