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Feb 1, 2007
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Every few days, I click on the Mark Forums Read link under the Quick Links to clean up the appearance of the forum index page, but for the past couple of days it hasn't been working.

I'm using Firefox on linux, with No-Script running, and ever since this started I've noticed two more scripts that are trying to run that weren't there before. Specifically, and

Any ideas?
Something changed a couple days ago and it has not been working for me either. When I go back to read a thread using the new posts button it goes back to the top of the thread, instead of the first unread post.
the mark forums read only seems to work if you are in a thread and not if you are on the main page (where all the categories are listed)

I'm running FF too and have the same issue. If I say "show all ______________ threads" then try to mark it read that doesnt work
Scott had PMed me that the board needed to be upgraded to a new version before he could get support on this issue. So, out of luck until the new upgrade.
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