Master reset code word for locked channels?


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Jun 27, 2004
I just purchased a used 6000 receiver and the adult guard password code is set. I do not know the password.

Is there a master reset codeword so I can get into the locked channels?
If the reciever has been activated into your name I know you can call Dish and have it cleared but I don't know of any speacial code you can input to have it reset.
wait a sec, I recall someone posted long time ago some trick how to corrupt memory, the method will erase ALL customer's settings include dishes configuration include locks and password, but it's easy to redo switch check
try to find the post/thread - it was some sort of sequience on remote; you should obtain memory dump screen by that
Should be able to dump the memory by pressing

(within 4 seconds press the keys below)
Browse/Right Arrow
Theme/Left Arrow

You should now get the device status & memory dump screen. Press (tv/video) if that does not work, then press the (info) button. A non-volatile memory corrupt message should display. You need this message so if you don't get it start over.

Once you the the non-volatile message you need to unplug your reciever for 15 seconds then plug back in and everything should be reset.