Must really want to get those 510's to everyone!


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May 22, 2004
They extended the 510 upgrade promotion AGAIN! I wonder what the big push is for these things? Maybe the VOD fee and the contract, especially since they are hurting right now according to that article on the stock. They need some innovation and some more quality programming to distinguish themselves from cable or D*. Although it will be a long cold winter in hell before I go back to Charter.
As I understand it.... the reason why both the 510 and 811 upgrade programs were extended is because their systems are not yet ready for their "DISH'n it up" set of promotions for existing subscriber.

I firmly believe that after those "DISH'n it up" promos come out, that typical subscribers with more than a year of on-time payment history will be able to get those upgrades under similar terms.

Now, they're saying 06/29/04

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