MASTERS GOLF in HD?? Thursday/Friday


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Sep 8, 2003
Modesto, CA
I haven't been able to find any listing for the Masters for today and Friday in HD or SD. Is Dish doing this. Some cable networks are showing it.:mad: :mad:
I live in Augusta and I can tell you that it's not going to air until this weekend. My local CBS is at the course durring our local news but the tournament is not on. Man this traffic sucks. I see 1-2 Lier Jets every minute taking off from the airport.
Thursday and Friday from 4:00-7:00PM

will be HD on Universal HD and the CBS HD Network (basically the digital HD side only)
Just repeating what BFG says:
The HD feed on Thus. and Fri. it will be on your CBS HD Network and even on channel (9483) CBS-HD NY and channel (9484) CBS-HD LA if you get these. The program guide in the EPG will not be right. In the past, I also remember DISH also putting up this event on the HD-EVENT channel for everyone. It will also be on Universal HD for our new MPEG4 HD receivers.
I also found it on the CBS HD LIL out of Kansas City. I will be there tomorrow. If I had a Satelliteguys hat I would wear it. If by some chance someone wants an interview, I will be sure to mention Satelliteguys for Scott;)
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No, Universal HD was not made available to the MPEG2 receivers for the Masters
Thanks so much for the reply. I've been looking like crazy trying to find it in HD. Guess I'll just have to wait until the weekend for the CBS OTA broadcast.
your local CBS is not broadcasting it OTA right now?

Mine isn't either unfortunetly....

Just Moved to ALASKA Anchorage NEED WORK :-(

622 Remote Question.......

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