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Apr 18, 2004
Wow! Daredevil, though not a great movie has an absolutely excellent piture!!!
Anything with Ben Afflack is VERY suspect. How did this guy get so big in hollywood? He is horrible. did anyone else catch "Sum of All Fears". He absolutly ruined the Jack Ryan character.

I liked him in Good Will hunting, but other than that, i have no use for him.
yeah count me in as one of the few that enjoyed the movie. Sure it's not great, but it was still some decent comic book action. I do agree about Ben Afleck though, he's not a very good actor. You want to see a terrible comic book movie, go see "the Punisher"....(talk about awful)!
Make that three of us having enjoyed it. I watched it again last night and it was fairly entertaining. Maybe the fact that I originally had to pay about $40 to see it for the first time (#2 tickets @ $9.50, $20 for junk food & drinks, plus $10 for parking) gave me a very bad attitude about this movie. That and Ben Afleck! I love my va-va-voom.
Do you guys really remember Superman that fondly? I caught it on one fo the cabel channels a few months back, and it was just so cheesey (bad 70's special effects and all) I think it coudl stand a remake if they did it well. Maybe I'm biased because it's a DC title and not Marvel. :D

Haven't seen the new Punisher remake. Hopefully it's better than the Dolph Lundgren one. I'll pick it up on DVD when it comes out just because. I grew up on those comics (Spiderman, Hulk, X-Men, Punisher, Daredevil, etc) I ejoyed all the movies. Some parts might be kind of cheesey, but hey. In my personal opinion, I think it's kind of cool that someone will spend a couple hundred million dollars to make a "special live action edition" that I can buy for $15. :D
I rewatched Superman the other day. Sure its a bit dated but IMHO its a classic. I can watch it once or twice a year and still enjoy it. The thing about it to me is it isn't too held true to the time it was made. In a way its like a time capsule. I'd love a remaster in full widescreen and DD.

My copy of Superman is remastered in DD5.1 and is OAR anamorphic widescreen. Don't you just hate it when you buy a new DVD and then they release the embossed, signed, boxed, special edition, director's cut with commentary by the caterer and an action figure included when the one they sold you for $30 was in 4:3 and mono? I was so happy when I picked up a widescreen version of "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" until yesterday when I saw the 2-disc version for sale. Makes me want to wait for HD-DVD's.
Well looks likes I'm getting a second copy. This makes me think of how many different copies I have bought of "Dark Side of the Moon" . Hmmm, Vinyl, Cassette, CD, and SACD. Next? Who knows? I'll buy it though. I'm such a sucker.


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