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Oct 11, 2003
Is there any true difference between a memory stick that is for the same capacity but one is "made" for gaming and one that is made for anything else? I bought a 2G Sandisk on special today at Best Buy for 39.99 and the one to be used for a PSP was almost 95.00 so I bought the one on special that was a digital camera one will I be ok? Thanks, Mike
PSP takes Memory Stick Duo Pro only, that's all you have to care about. Manufacturer DOESN'T MATTER despite console maker intentions to confuse you.:

Similarly Wii takes standard SD card, don't buy Wii-branded memory card unless it comes within $5 range.
Ditto that.... I bought one of the $40 SanDisk 2GB SD cards at Best Buy on Black Friday and it works fine in my son's Wii. Uploaded a bunch of photos to it to test it....

Note also that the Wii can use the old GameCube Memory Cards and controllers, so all your save games and games can follow to the Wii.

Funny thing is... My kids are getting a workout... They only have the Wii Sports disc that came with the unit and they are getting red faced playing all the games. We could quite possible have the FIRST console that qualifies as an exercise routine....

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