Metallica Fans: New album pre-order up at Amazon

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Yep Metallitca is suppost to be returning to their roots with this album. So its suppost to be like the old albums.. the goond ones
Well for you metal / rock fans: don't fall down rushing out to buy the new Judas Priest CD 'Nostradamus' - it is a concept album and sounds like Queensrÿche with Halford on vocals. Now I like Queensrÿche to a point; BUT NOT when I am wanting or expecting Priest!
I will for sure have to have that one.
Well for you metal / rock fans: don't fall down rushing out to buy the new Judas Priest CD 'Nostradamus' - it is a concept album and sounds like Queensrÿche with Halford on vocals. Now I like Queensrÿche to a point; BUT NOT when I am wanting or expecting Priest!

Yeah they have been playing cuts from the new Priest on XM Boneyard and I am not impressed either. Reminds me of the 'Ryche too. But not as good as Geoff Tate's vocals. :cool:

The new Dokken, however, is not bad at all. :)

Metallica hasn't had a decent album in 20 years. They will have to come a long way back to get me to buy the new CD.
Yeah, I am thinking I will be enjoying this one more than I did the last 3. Although I did find many songs on each of the last 3 that I liked alot, just they were the deeper cuts, not the main ones. Like Bob said, reports are that this one is more like Ride, Puppets, Justice, but time will tell. Either way, I have it on pre-order and I'm sure I'll find many songs I really enjoy regardless of the public opinion.

I honestly think St. Anger would have been better had they gotten rid of the tinny drum sound and gone with the regular sound.

The one thing I really enjoy about Metallica is their live performances. That's what originally made me a die-hard fan. Albums are great, but IMO they just on great concerts.
Metallica will have to prove to me that they are better before I pay any money for any of their work.

I was a huge fan of Metallica before they sold out, first with Lars going after the original Napster, hell when Metallica first came out they would of loved people downloading their music, then they sold out and went after Napster, and now with the RIAA going after everybody all started with Lars.

They also sold out with their last three albums, that music didn't represent anything about Metallica, IMHO they were making music for people who wouldn't listen to Kill 'em all, Ride the lightning, Master of Puppets, And justice for all and the Black album. I've seen them in concert many times, but until they win me back, they will not get another penny from me.
I just preordered. I've been a Metallica fan for more than 15 years and have seen them in concert about a dozen times. I was in KY for the last time that Jason performed with them (obviously didn't know that was going to be the case at the time). I also saw them at Lollapoolza (sp?) with Rage and Soundgarden. Haven't been too happy with the past couple albums but hoping for the best on this one.
laff, nice anagram there acillitem.

I agree with you. Napster for the majority of people was stealing, heck I even used it and most of the stuff I downloaded back them would have been considered theft as I never owned the CD's of the songs I had. Yep, it was shocking how many bands were all gung-ho, then backed out against napster. I will say however that BECAUSE of napster, I did end up buying many albums I never would have. So it was a double edges sword. But to me, I like the fidelity of CD's and like owning the actual CD and the case/artwork and Napster was a way to sample stuff and see if I really wanted to spend the money. To many though, Napster was a way to save money and maybe somewhat protect the price fixing that was occurring on CD's. I also really enjoy and continue to buy SACD/DVD-A discs cause I prefer the quality over the compression and conveinance of the MP3's.

I also agree with the last 3 albums comment. I enjoyed them, but not as much as others. I don't think they sold out, all bands need to explore and evolve or they wither and die. To me, every AC/DC album sounds the same and it gets boring. I think fans of Metallica or so-called fans started accusing them of selling out the minute they recorded "Fade to Black", yet today it's one of the songs considered one of the the better the group has done. Heck TBA was considered to be a major sellout by many, but it's their biggest commecrcial success and considered by many to be one of those "must own" albums. Then I think about groups like Stabbing Westward where in 1 album they almost compeltely changed genre's and I lost my taste for them while others loved the new sound.

Not to start a big thread on the sell out arguement cause to me it is not an arguement. I like every album they have put out, some albums I like more than others. Last I knew, most bands get together to make music and explore music. Then they want to make money from their music so they can pay for stuff. I don't care what people ever say about the bands I like or even certain ablums. I am not forcing them to buy or listen to it. Heck I jump extremes in my CD changer in my truck from Metallica/Tool/Korn (Korn, now theres a band that also sounds pretty much the same to me on each album" to Jewel/Bare Naked Ladies/Nickel Creek.
"No metal band will ever top Metallica......NO ONE! No one even comes close."

Your kidding right?? Led Zep?? Sabbath? Doesnt come close to Metallica??

No..and it was Metallica that got the ball rolling on Napster, because one of their demos were on their. Then other bands follow suit. Now, Larz was the mouthpeice on getting the shut down and they lost alot of their fan base due to it.

Is it a crime downloading songs? Is it a crime to charge 15 bucks for a CD? Is it a crime to charge 100 to 200 bucks per ticket to see a show? And mind you the shows today are getting shorter and shorter. I have been seeing Metallica since the mid 80's when they opened for Ozzy, and their shows are got shorter and shorter.

Are they a good band, they are ok. Their last good album was the Black album, the rest blow, they are not in touch with their fan base as they were with Kill'm All and Master.

Dont get me wrong but if Zep was touring today, and you put their ticket sales up against Metallica, their is no contest.

And Slayer, your talking two different types of music, Slayer is death metal and most death metal band albums sound the same. I have seen Slayer in concert many of times too, and I would rather see them do Reign in Blood over Metalica doing any of their cds...

It is what it is, as in when most bands get bigger they sell did Metalica..they jumped the shark years ago.
No, they didn't. You're just close minded.

Yep. I like Metal. Not grunge, not nu metal, not modern rock. And Metallica hasn't done a metal record since AJFA. Slayer,well, is Slayer. They don't try to be anyone else. Metallica has tried to be everything under the sun in the name of 'evolving'. Guess what fellas, we old time fans didn't buy your music because it SUCKED. Not because we were downloading it. Do what you do best and we'll buy it. Put another grunge album out and we won't. :)
The last good album from them was Justice for All... I am surprised they haven't been touring with Ryan Seacrest and his crew.
Nothing wrong with Digiblur's comment, he and everyone is entitled to their opinions. He didn't attack anyone or delete any posts.

acillatem, I know you just joined and I know you are passionate about this subject, but satguys is a place for good conversations and even debates, no need to curse in your posts or even attack others comments like you are. It's one thing to disagree with someone's opinion, it's another to insinuate they are idiots and their opinion is not valid. Mods here are fairly laid back, but personally I feel you are going over the line a bit and if you continue your account and access will be removed or at least posts deleted.

I started the thread as an FYI for anyone looking for the new album. I don't care if everyone on this board posted that I was an idiot for liking them and liking every single one of their albums. Like many other areas, we just sometimes post to lets other know in case they missed some news or release dates. I wasn't looking to start some crazy sell out/die hard battle like always seems to happen with Metallica threads and many other bands
No need to apologize to me. You opinion is fine with me. I have nothing against your fiery defense of the group at all, but it's just that this is not the proper part of the satguys board for it (IMHO). I hope you stay around and post in other areas of the site. It's really a wide ranging site and we all have our favorite parts.
Oh, but that comment by digiblur, or whatever the hell his name is, was o.k.? Give me a break.

Sure it was. Yours was too. So was mine. We just don't agree that Metallica is or was the best metal band ever. A lot of us think the same. We like what we like. And we don't like new(er) Metallica.

I can think of at least three bands that I THINK ( see, an opinion) are better than Metallica since 1988.

1) Megadeth - Dave Mustaine is a nutter sometimes, but the dude can still shred when he wants to.
2) Iron Maiden - Other than when Bruce left in the 90's, their releases have been steady on.
3) Slayer - Will shred no matter what. Ya put on a Slayer CD you know what to expect.
Plus...who really cares...does Metallica or any other band pay you to like them? They should be kissing everyone ass who listens to them because while we are the ones driving fords and honda...they are driving lambos, 911 and f-50's....we are the fools getting all fired up over this and lining their pockets.

The state of music today blows.

And by the way...if the orginal line up of GnR gets back together, this Metalica stuff is a non issue.
WOW, now that's funny!!
Axl Rose..........another arrogant a$$hole, that's all.

Arrogant....yes...but very very rich. Im sure he isnt worried about mounting a dish...
I'm much more of a punk fan to be honest... but I do enjoy old 80's thrash metal.

I'll be sure to give this album a fair chance... though I'm with the crowd that says they haven't released anything I personally would consider good since and justice for all.

Here's hoping it gets back to the thrash roots... I miss the days of The Metallica that I liked (although I was always a bigger fan of the other 'three' big name thrash bands.. Slayer...Anthrax and Megadeth.... Deth being my favorite growing up, Slayer my favorite these days)

If they go back to that sound.. I buy... they don't go back to it.. I won't.

The record will make tons of money regardless.
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